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    One of the regular highlights at each Fujitsu Forum is the outlook of the latest ICT developments by Dr. Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu. Again, a fully booked auditorium listened closely while Dr. Reger sifted through future IT trends.


    Last year’s highlight was undisputably Cloud Computing, but this year Cloud is already in the implementation mode. This year’s Big Deal is Big Data!


    “We’re already living in the exabyte world” was Dr. Reger’s conclusion after presenting some impressive numbers: 1 billion PCs, 1 billion cars, 600 million smartphones – all these sources generate new data every second, including for example 200 million pictures a day.


    These large data sets, unstructured data and uncountable new sources and devices don’t only need more storage capacities but also new technologies like real time processing in order to handle this data. Powerful hardware, new tools as well as new analytics are necessary to identify the uncountable combinations of transforming data into real information which can then be used  for example to manage smart grids or traffic planning.


    Additionally, Big Data also requires new skills for new jobs as for example data scientist. One of these specialists joined Dr Reger on stage: Dr. Fritz Schinkel from Fujitsu’s Solution and Innovation Lab, presenting SPATIOWL – a brand new software developed by Fujitsu for traffic management and forecasting based on Big Data.


    Besides Big Data, this year there is another big deal, directly derived from the first one: Data protection and access. In today’s world basic password protection is no longer secure enough. Fujitsu therefore is working on new technologies like presence control, face recognition or smart card identification make big data and all kinds of devices secure again. Fujitsu’s Palm Vein Scanner has proven to be one of the most effective technologies with the lowest Fals Acceptance Rate (FAR) of all: <0,00008 %.


    Kozo Otsuka from Fujitsu’s technologie office joined Dr Reger on stage and demonstated this perfectly on a brandnew ESPRIMO X913-T which comes with most of these security features installed per default before shipping. Additionally to IT devices, the Palm Vein Sensor can also be used for entry control at office buildings, in hospitals and many other scenarios.



    Which Megatrends are reshaping the world?

    Which steps are necessary from being a functional to being a strategic CIO?

    And how does global IT influence business strategies?


    Hosted by Rupert Lehner, Senior Vice President, Solutions Business Group, Fujitsu,
    Oliver Bussmann, Executive Vice President and Global Information Officer of SAP AG gave
    an insight  into his view on social media, mobility and how SAP is using these trends to be
    a role model to its customers.


    Mobility, Big data, Cloud and Social – these are the megatrends of today according to Oliver Bussmann. He summarized all of them under the umbrella “The consumerization of IT”, which is driving innovations and being a key factor for the success of tomorrow. Being a role model to its customers SAP now already has more than 80 projects and 5% of its total IT project portfolio featuring innovations from these areas.



    Real time analysis with SAP-HANA (running by the way on more than 150 Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers), more than 18,000 tablets and other mobile devices and around 50 apps covering the areas Business Intelligence, Information, Sales and Productivity are only some examples of how SAP is using these global trends as innovation drivers.


    All this is not only a strategy for the future innovations but also influencing the way we do business today! Using HANA for example brings accelerated value and real time insight at the speed of light: Real time sales pipeline analysis could now be done only in seconds instead of 6 hours 1 year ago.


    In the ICM foyer we are showing Fujitsu’s latest innovation from today, from tomorrow and in the future. You will find a wide choice of connected devices, which are designed for greater usability and the convenience of touch-screen. One of the awesome new features is an ultrasound presence sensor in the new ESPRIMO X913-T PC. This sensor is clever enough to keep the display fresh the whole time that a user is sitting at their screen – even if they are not touching any of the input devices such as keyboard, mouse and touch-screen.



    Once the user leaves their desk, it automatically locks and switches the PC into a lower power consumption mode, also saving energy – and can be configured to shut down the system.


    Or have a look at Fujitsu’s Design Studies..





    In preparation for today’s start of Fujitsu Forum in Munich we invited journalists and media representatives to our press conference yesterday. In this post we will give you a short overview of the main topics, you can find more details in the press releases.


    The first innovation to be presented at yesterday’s press conference was the Fujitsu Personal Cloud which represents the promise of substantial savings in comparison to managed workplaces of today. Fujitsu is using its Global Cloud Platform to enable the internal pilot, which will give each user access to their own Fujitsu Personal Cloud. With all services running in a secure Fujitsu datacenter, users’ workplace and business applications become accessible from almost any network-enabled device.
    FlexFrame Orchestrator, a new datacenter management platform to manage unified environments running SAP® solutions, adds support for installations of the SAP HANA® platform to its comprehensive datacenter operations, including resources and services management, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, across entire landscapes running SAP applications.


    Of course we also presented our new family of desktop products, the Fujitsu X Line. Spanning PCs, thin clients and displays, the X Line introduces a uniform, stylish appearance and is packed with innovative, future-embracing technologies that help put desktop computing at the forefront, as companies reshape the workplace. Another highlight is a new cloud-based solution to help European companies comply with forthcoming energy audit requirements. Fujitsu Eco Track, available via the Fujitsu Cloud Store, is designed to allow European businesses to easily and cost-effectively manage their energy audits, which will soon become mandatory as a result of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.


    As a premiere we announced the ultimate winner of the SELECT Partner Program Awards, celebrating the achievements of Bechtle AG of Germany to become the first ever Fujitsu Partner of the Year for the Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEA & I) region. We also welcomed 30 channel partners from around the region to Fujitsu Forum Europe in Munich, enthusiastic to learn how the company’s new Value Channel initiative will drive profitable business by meeting the specific needs of their most important customers.


    Pictures of all topics you find here!

    The Trade Fair for Consumer Electronics und Home Appliances takes place in Berlin between 31st August and 5th September 2012. And we are well prepared. Two Fujitsu highlights will be presented in Germany for the very first time, one in the tablet sector: the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 – a Hybrid Business Talent, and one in the Desktop PC sector: a brand new desktop concept for future proof user experience.

    Visitors can find these new products and many other Fujitsu product units at the Intel Booth 103 in Hall 23.
    Corporate Communication, Product Management, Vertical und Program Marketing are cooperating very closely in order to provide optimal product presentations.


    Another IFA highlight will be the start of the LIFEBOOK Roadshow 2012 in Germany: This starts in the IFA compound F66/Summer Garden (close to Hall 20/21) with the complete Mobile LIFEBOOK Portfolio and the entire family of LIFEBOOKs, from the latest Ultrabooks and proven business mobiles up to the attractive Tablet PCs. Visitors to the Trade Fair can view and touch the world’s thinnest Ultrabook, with a 14“ display and docking option.

    The LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook™ sees our colleagues working flat-out on the next cool feature for mobile users which has not yet been disclosed to the public.


    Our on-site experts will gladly answer your questions concerning our products and show you the many new features in our portfolio.


    We look forward to welcoming you at the IFA 2012!


    Make sure you check out our Facebook and Twitterpage for more  IFA news.