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Today at Cebit 2013 we announced the general availability of the innovative authentication solutions based on PalmSecure technology, which uses individuals’ unique palm vein patterns to combat identity fraud.




The PalmSecure scans the unique pattern of veins within the palm. As veins are internal in the body and have a wealth of differentiating features resulting in high levels of certainty, attempts to forge an identity are virtually impossible. Featuring industry-leading authentication accuracy with extremely low false rates, the non-intrusive and contactless reader device provides ease of use with virtually no physiological restriction for any and all users. The no-touch sensor also helps prevent the spread of germs and diseases, which are mostly transmitted by hand.
In December 2012, Italy´s UniCredit bank kicked off a test program of its Papillon payment system which is based on Fujitsu PalmSecure technology. Fujitsu provided the sensor which captures the payer’s unique vein pattern data, a Solution Development Kit enabling UniCredit to independently develop its bespoke application and solution, plus project support. UniCredit plans to gradually introduce Papillon, primarily as a mobile payment mechanism and to complement other payment methods.
For more information on Fujitsu PalmSecure visit us at the Cebit show (hall 2 & 7) or check out the video form Engadget:

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