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On February 29th, 2012 a friendly football match took place between Poland and Portugal at the brand new Polish national stadium in Warsaw. Although the game ended 0-0, I’m sure the fans in the stadium would want a souvenir of such an occasion.

Much more than that Fujitsu aided in providing all fans present in the with a 360 degree panoramic gigapixel photo. Through the use of a Fujitsu CELSIUS R670 a stunning high-resolution picture of the whole stadium could be produced during the game.The people responsible for the shooting are Piotrowski Radosław, Piotr Galas, Leszek Cuper and Paweł Cegielski. They post this 360 panoramic view of the stadium on their websites www.fantag.eu & www.pano360.pl. Fans could then visit the websites, scroll through the picture to find & tag themselves in the stadium to then be posted on Facebook. And voilà! People present at the game now had a memory of the occasion:

This type of idea is becoming ever more popular and the occasion between Poland & Portugal was used as a testshooting for Euro2012 in the summer, where there will be many more Fantag opportunities. Fujitsu will be playing a key role in the making of these 360 degree shots.

The team faced many challenges in processing the data, in terms of stitching where neighbouring pictures came together. The huge amount of data to be processed was another big challenge. The process involved taking over 800 separate pictures using a digital SLR Canon 7D with Sigma 150 mm F2.8 lens. Mounted on an automatic panoramic RODEON Station ST, photo shooting could be done at a rapid pace, to avoid distortion between photos and directly transferred onto a notebook. The old workstation used for the panorama stitching and production, with 4 cores and 16GB RAM would take 4-5 days to create the photo, however using Fujitsu CELSIUS R670, the increased speed and reliability reached far beyond our expectations and created magnificent results. The CELSIUS is equipped with two six-core XEON CPUs, 128GB of RAM and four hard disks. Using Autopano Giga 2.6 software they stitched the photos together and used Adobe Photoshop CS5 for post-production.  The resulting Gigapixel panorama has a resolution of 11,4 Gigapixels, and over 65 Gigabytes in Photoshop file format.

Overall the project was a great success and is a proof-of-concept for Euro2012.

On May 19/20 the RTT Excite event took place in Munich at the „Haus der Kunst“, a famous exhibition building and  the perfect location for a visualization event. Over 700 visitors including the who’s who of the international 3D visualization scene came to the 2-day event. An exciting blend  of expert talks, leading-edge software demos, and cool examples of real-world applications from design, development, sales & marketing and and the new “future lab” attracted 25% more visitors than last year.

Since Fujitsu was the premium sponsor of the event, CELSIUS workstations were everywhere  and were clearly up to the task more of hosting the visually exciting RTT 3D solutions. Attendees also had the chance to see the RTT Powerhouse and Picturebook apps running live in a Fujitsu Cloud environment giving them  a great opportunity to learn more about  Fujitsu and its products.

Our booth showcased  a live demo of  the new 15-inch CELSIUS H710 mobile workstation in combination with the new STYLISTIC Q550 professional slate PC, a real eye-catcherby the way! The STYLISTIC used a WiFi connection to  remotely control the Audi car configurator  which was running on the CELSIUS H710.


The famous RTT Ferrari car configurator made for an impressive demo on our CELSIUS H910, a 17-inch workstation notebook with high-end graphics. Live and rendered in real-time  of course.


The brand new CELSIUS W510 rendered 3D Stereo content for a prototype of the P23T-6 FPR3D display,  a new generation professional 3D display.


The power and flexibility of the Fujitsu cloud offerings were presented live on an internet connected LIFEBOOK T580. This solution harnesses the impressive graphic power of Fujitsu’s CELSIUS workstations combined with standard Infrastructureas a Service components like virtual servers and storage. The extensive rendering and CPU power in this solution comes directly from  of Fujitsu’s datacenter and can be utilized by  virtually all  mobile devices  with a  browser.

To substantiate our IaaS offering and make it more tangible, André Kiehne (Vice President Cloud Business) and Peter Röhner from RTT combined forces for an expert talk giving attendees a great overview of the real-world advantages of cloud computing and visualization.


RTT Excite gave us the opportunity to get in contact with 3D experts, have interesting discussions and to get an overview of what´s new in 3D visualization.

As you might have seen in my earlier posts, I am addicted to 360 degree panorama photography. Shortly before the event started, I took my camera and shot a virtual tour of the event location with all the showcases of the RTT Excite 2011…

>> Link to the virtual tour: http://blog.ts.fujitsu.com/virtualtours/rttexcite2011/

Here at VISIT 2010 you can have a look at a 360-degree panoramic photography from Jeffery Martin. The images you see of London are spherical panoramas. They are made from multiple photos that cover every direction from a single viewpoint. These photos were taken at nearly the same time, and joined (stitched) together with great precision.

This all runs on a CELSIUS Workstation. Have a look at it here:

Thank you Marcus for the demo….

– Daniel