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Congrats to everyone who contributed to a very inspiring and insightful „Co-Innovation in Action“ event hosted by SAP in its Co-Innovation Lab at Palo Alto. SAP and Fujitsu executives took the chance to see great demos of latest Fujitsu innovations and to further discuss how to leverage these to provide joint customers with innovative solutions to improve business processes and help exploit IOT technologies.

Stimulating, impressive and even highly entertaining: The demo of Fujitsu teraSpection showed how this radically new solution simplifies the visual inspection and documentation of structures and equipment, allowing new and highly efficient ways of machine and plant maintenance by capturing data e.g. by helmet cameras
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With GlobeRanger Fujitsu made clear how sophisticated RFID has already become – collecting and analyzing all kinds of sensor details for simple development and management of ground breaking mobile and sensor-based solutions.




But besides all the enthusiasm about exciting opportunities for new joint IoT solutions another very serious topic has not been missed out: Data security!  With Fujitsu PalmSecure bioLock SAP customers can rely on a unique biometric fraud prevention solution which is now also compliant with SAP HANA. A great step forward towards more protection of any sensitive data or mission-critical information that would be of value if stolen.




Thanks to SAP for hosting this great event. We are convinced that the more we bring our innovations and skills together, the more we will enable joint customers to simplify, innovate and grow.

The successful SELECT Circle Japan Incentive ran for second consecutive year offering our top value channel partners a trip of a lifetime! The winners of the incentive were invited to visit Fujitsu Forum that took place in May 14-15 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan.


This year’s Fujitsu Forum was all about “Human Centric Innovation in Action”. And that motto really came to live in the big Fujitsu Forum exhibition. Our Japanese colleagues did their utmost to display as many “tangible” proof points of our innovation capabilities as possible – all focused on how the human interacts with the digital world. From augmented reality to agriculture – from the Internet of things to traffic control.



The winning partners came from Belgium, Russia, France, Netherlands and Germany and were accompanied to their trip to Japan by Veerle Limbos, Vice President of Global Channel Business, and Michael Homborg (aka Hommel) responsible of the SELECT Circle program.
The international group was impressed not only by Fujitsu products and solutions, but by Fujitsu’s Japanese hospitality and philosophy. Apart from the Fujitsu Forum the group visited the very latest built Yokohama Cloud Datacenter and took part in the NetCommunity Tour – our special Fujitsu Demo-Center where we showcase our technical innovations with a hands-on experience.


The week ended up with a yet another inevitable Japanese cultural innovation – a cheerful night in a special karaoke event that nobody will forget!

The PalmSecure technology for biometric palm vein recognition is already counting as one of the most advanced and secured biometric authentication methods worldwide. With the new PalmSecure ID Match device, Fujitsu adds a new dimension of security to badges and cards and from now on as well to smartphones.  As first multifactor device using palm vein technology, the ID Match enables a highly secured two-factor authentication by carrying the biometric identity token on a card and no longer on a central database. With this Fujitsu answers the  legal and market requirement to prevent unauthorized access/hack of  personal biometric data .



At #FujitsuForum 2015 a new smartphone-based ID Match solution is shown for the first time outside Europe. Thereby the biometric palm vein template is stored in a secured app on the smartphone, while the ID Match is doing the verification directly in the device. The two devices communicate via Bluetooth or other networks. If the records match, the PalmVein unit (which can be static) will allow, for example, a door or a personal workstation to be unlocked.



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This innovative and brand new development can be imagined to be used in Retail, Banking or Entertainment for payment transactions, physical access control or loyalty card programs. However, there are endless possibilities imaginable for those kinds of use cases and we are very excited about what is still coming up.


You can visit us at #FujitsuForum and find out more about the ID Match device and its possibilities here.

Risk of exposure to a sophisticated cyber-attack is increasing as they are designed to exploit the psychological vulnerabilities of targeted users. It is important to quickly identify users most at risk and develop protective security measures tailored to the individual or organization.


In an industry first Fujitsu has developed technology that makes use of social-psychology knowledge and identifies users at risk of cyber-attacks based on the ways they use their computers.





You can see this solution live at the #FujitsuForum Tokyo or read the full details here 

Smart mobility, an emerging need for modern cities

Growing urbanization is creating considerable challenges in terms of mobility. According to a United Nations survey it is predicted that by 2050 about 64% of the developing world and 86% of the developed world will be urbanized.


Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Smart Mobility SPATIOWL

Here at the #FujitsuForum, Fujitsu is demonstrating SPATIOWL, a Big Data solution for real-time location data analytics.

The SPATIOWL name is derived from the prefix “Spatio” meaning “space”, combined with “OWL” – an ancient symbol of wisdom. It designates a service for the integrated management of many types of transportation-related data using Big Data analytics and Cloud Computing technology.
SPATIOWL brings an innovative solution for the transportation sector. The solution allows for the capture of vast amounts of location data, its aggregation from different sources and the use of analytics for generating decision-support information. This provides new capabilities for public transportation operators and urban city traffic management to enhance services to passengers and create new business opportunities.





You can read more about urban mobility in the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision