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    CeBIT 2014 has opened its doors for experts and companies from all over the world and I would like to tell you briefly what has happened so far and tell you about the “hits” on the Fujitsu Stand which you should not miss.

    A lot of attention before the official CeBIT start was given to our new mobile devices which visitors, journalists and bloggers have been trying out.




    The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U904 Ultrabook™ with 4G/LTE is certainly one of these mobile highlights. The thinnest Business Ultrabook in the 14“ category has been nominated as a “CeBIT Highlight Product“ and is the world’s first Ultrabook which has integrated non-contact, biometric security technology as an option: the Fujitsu Palm Vein Sensor. If you want to learn more about the LIFEBOOK U904, please follow our “Insider blog” here


    Olaf Leis (Lower-Saxony State Minister for the Economy, Employment and Transport) visited us at our CeBIT stand in hall 7 on Monday evening – and the focus of his visit was our Palm Secure technology. He took a good look at the “Secure Gate“ which manages really secure access. Authentication of a person’s identity is via the non-contact recognition of the unique vein pattern in an individual’s hand.





    Today the Intel Innovation Award for a new concept in data center technology was awarded. Jens-Peter Seick, Senior Vice President of the Fujitsu Product Development Group received the prize on our behalf.





    And there are lots of new features for Fujitsu vShape!

    The proven vShape reference architecture from Fujitsu integrates now NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP. The virtualization platform vShape is based on Fujitsu x86 PRIMERGY servers, switches from Brocade as well as NetApp Storage systems. It offers companies a shared scale-out infrastructure which is more flexible and is ideally suited to handle the almost unlimited growth in a company’s data volume.


    For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page.


    That is just some of the highlights on our CeBIT stand. If you want to see more, you have until Friday – we look forward to seeing you in Hall 7, A28.


    Our LIFEBOOK U904 Ultrabook™ has already drawn attention to itself at the CeBIT previews in Hamburg and Munich. It scored points thanks to its slim design, with a thickness of only 15.5 mm and weighing just 1.39 kg it is thinner than all other devices in the 14-inch business class. We will be displaying the fully equipped Ultrabook™, which now includes a PalmSecure™ palm vein sensor, at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover.


    The new technology expands the range of performance for mobile users and offers the highest security standards, for instance standards that have to be met in finance or healthcare where highly sensible data is handled. Palm vein authentication technology, which is based on our proven PalmSecure™ technology, improves data security and at the same time simplifies security processes. An integrated sensor detects and authenticates the unmistakable pattern of the user’s palm veins fast and contact-free and is close to impossible to forge. And the management of this authentication solution is extremely easy.


    The LIFEBOOK U904 Ultrabook™ allows you to travel in complete comfort, while the solid magnesium housing ensures durability. Its super-crisp, frameless, 35.6 cm (14-inch) WQHD+ IGZO display also supports touch input. An extended battery runtime, backlit keyboard, ultimate security features and optional embedded 4G/LTE ensure exceptional mobility. The optional port replicator guarantees ultimate convenience in the office.


    Visit us at CeBIT in hall  7 (booth A28) from March 10 to 14.



    Over 200 journalists and bloggers representing IT, economic and daily press publications have had an initial look in Munich and Hamburg at the trends and innovations which will be shown at CeBIT 2014, the world’s largest IT trade fair which will be taking place between 10th and 14th March 2014 in Hannover.




    This year Fujitsu will be playing a large part in the design of CeBIT Previews. In his keynote “IT Security“ Jürgen Walter, Executive Vice President and CEO, Fujitsu Central Europe, explained the challenges facing IT managers and how state-of-the-art devices and solutions can increase overall security. Walter used the evening podium discussion to answer questions about the handling of Big Data from users and scientists.


    The LIFEBOOK U904 Ultrabook™ was one of the big attractions: Thinner than all the other devices in the 14“ business category the fully equipped Ultrabook not only has PalmSecure handvein sensors but also a complete LAN interface which it can fold out. The journalist reactions clearly showed that Fujitsu is “innovative and right on target” when it comes to IT security and “Made in Germany”.


    The smart Ultrabook was the proud winner of the “PREVIEW Award“ for “Innovation at CeBIT” – the nomination coming from all the attending journalists representing specialist IT, economic  and national publications.


    Join us at the Fujitsu stand at CeBIT 2014 and make an appointment now!

    At Fujitsu Forum we are introducing, together with the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, an “Intelligent Desk”. Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization with a strong focus on people’s needs, e.g. health, security, communication, energy and the environment.





    This Intelligent Desk acts as the front-end device for a wide range of End User Services and shows the latest technology used in ergonomic and efficient working. It covers state-of-the-art illumination concepts as well as current ergonomic furniture technology. The Intelligent Desk integrates Fujitsu’s IT know-how and demonstrates our UC&C solutions live. You can see that the workplace of the future is almost cable-free. Touch functions and gesture control are also fully integrated together with digital import options for analog documents so that they can be processed further.


    We invite all visitors to experience the future of workplaces first hand at the Democenter (Innovation area).  We have prepared some interesting showcases, where we would like to invite you to join us on a journey to a Reshaped Workplace.



    Further information about the „Intelligent Desk” and the cooperation with Fraunhofer can be found here

    The change in society is being driven by mobile devices, big data and social networks. So, the infrastructure behind it all is key. Fujitsu has the industry’s strongest and broadest cloud portfolio with 3600+ organizations using a Fujitsu cloud.




    One of the main data center challenges is about taking control of shadow IT without stopping the business. In fact, shadow IT starts because departments feel that they’re being held back, and shadow IT spending is expected to increase. Additionally, IT professionals have to keep businesses going, knowing that data will increase. Questions: How do we transform compute services and storage? What about networks?


    Regardless of how much you virtualize, data centers are often hybrids. Some companies may have a private cloud, but how do we manage storage in a virtualized environment? By virtualizing you create files. So, how do you keep track? VMware allows you to attach policies. VSAN allows you to bundle different items in the data center. But the network can limit agility in provisioning services:


    • Provisioning is slow
    • Placement in limited
    • Mobility is limited


    The answer is networking virtualization which allows networks to be pooled. You can do this with VMware’s NSX. Once the network has been virtualized, it’s basically a cloud which can be templatized and replicated.


    Once everything has been virtualized, including the network, you need to look at IT management. Cloud management has to be agile, scalable and simple. In the data center defined by VMware software:


    • All infrastructure is virtualized and
    • Delivered as a service


    Fujitsu’s Dynamic Infrastructure VMware vCloud Reference Architecture is about setting up VMware private clouds faster — up to 30% faster. It’s a validated IT infrastructure which lets customers become more productive sooner. How? By leveraging best-practice configurations.


    Managing and integrating cloud services is about how to provision your business services to meet your business needs. What are the workloads and triggers for the business applications you’re delivering for your data center? One size does not fit all.

    Some services might be just right for, say, SaaS. Others will be better suited to traditional IT. Your operations environment has to accommodate different models of applications and service delivery.

    The types of service and journey Fujitsu and VMware are able to take you on are about realizing your business benefits.


    To find out more or to talk to our experts, come to Fujitsu Forum 2013.