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Once a year I try to accumulate some “adrenalin-based-feel-good-hormones” by maximizing my “airtime” on a kite-surfing holiday.


In recent years all the accumulated “feel-good” was usually already eaten up during my flight back home, simply in anticipation of my overflowing email inbox and projects that could have turned into the red zone during my absence. A negative feeling caused by not having the chance to stay “on-air” at work.


The good news. All that has changed. As the Wifi connection in my kite resort was bad, I bought a local SIM card with Internet data flat-rate and inserted it into my business smartphone. The benefits were manifold as I could easily track all my business emails, thus reducing the chance of negative surprises after my vacation to zero. I was also able to use my smartphone as a hot-spot for my private tablet which I had taken with me. I could thus privately order, download and pay for e-books, plus all the powerful browsing capabilities e.g. for the weather at home, wind forecasts for the resort, etc…


Modern “work-life integration” has blurred a lot of boundaries. I am happy to work for a company like Fujitsu which has all the means to support an infrastructure (especially for its customers) and ensure business productivity while on the move. In my special case I could basically put all those “feel-good” hormones into a sealed can and take them back home.


Me feeling good is a big benefit for my employer as well. And – more significantly – I stayed “on-air” business-wise and could have helped out immediately if necessary. In future, it will be negotiable if an investment in a data SIM card is a private expense or should be reimbursed.


What is your view?










With 2014 nearly behind us, we wanted to briefly touch on our notable accomplishments over the past year with the Fujitsu M10 family of servers.  Much of our success is due to our loyal customers around the globe. We appreciate their trust, support and valuable feedback.


Here is a look at the Fujitsu M10 highlights in 2014.


In April, we introduced the latest version of the Fujitsu M10 server family with the 16-core SPARC64™ X+ processor. This new processor by Fujitsu runs at clock speeds up to 3.7 GHz and offers 1.3 times the performance of its predecessor, SPARC64 X. The SPARC64 X+ processor further enhances Fujitsu M10 systems as ideal platforms for server consolidation and IT modernization projects and for customers seeking mission-critical computing solutions. We also reiterated our commitment in our latest roadmap for the Fujitsu M10 server family as we continue to enhance the industry’s most powerful and scalable business server.


In August, at the Hot Chips Conference in California, Fujitsu previewed SPARC64 XIfx, a 32-core processor planned for High Performance Computing (HPC). While the target for this planned processor is clearly HPC, the innovations will be leveraged in the new designs across the SPARC64 processor family for enterprise computing as well.


The Fujitsu M10 server family combines Fujitsu and Oracle’s expertise and innovative technologies to provide customers with real business and IT value.  In September, we had a powerful presence at Oracle OpenWorld with a very active exhibition with Fujitsu M10 servers demoing several enterprise system solutions. We had a standing-room-only Executive Solution Session by Goro Watanabe, Fujitsu EVP R&D Center North America, providing an interesting and engaging perspective on key capabilities of the Fujitsu M10 servers for Clouds and very large & in-memory databases.


Oracle OpenWorld 2014: Executive Solution Session by Goro Watanabe, Fujitsu EVP R&D Center North America

Oracle OpenWorld 2014: Executive Solution Session by Goro Watanabe, Fujitsu EVP R&D Center North America


In November, we continued our global journey with a stop in Munich, Germany at the Fujitsu Forum. 13,000 visitors from 81 nations set a new record for Fujitsu Forum and boosted the attendance by 20% from last year. We sure had plenty of chances at our booth to discuss how Fujitsu M10 servers help businesses innovate and grow. Paul Flannery, Sr. Director, Oracle, Systems Business Development, and Chris Bone, Fujitsu, Head of Sales Consultancy UK&I, jointly delivered an excellent breakout session for the modernization and management of IT architectures.

Fujitsu M10 at Fujitsu Forum Europe 2014.

Crowds at Fujitsu Forum Europe 2014 hearing how Fujitsu M10 servers help businesses innovate and grow.


On the customer front, we’ve had great successes across many industries including finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, and public sector where the Fujitsu M10 servers have been the platform of choice to slash operating costs, modernize, and consolidate IT infrastructures.


Not to be forgotten, also made available in 2014, Fujitsu M10 3-D Virtual Tour gives you an inside look of Fujitsu M10 servers through your browser, tablets, and smartphones:


Fujitsu M10 Virtual Tour

Fujitsu M10 iPhone app

Fujitsu M10 Android app


We wish everyone Happy Holidays! It’s been an excellent year for our Fujitsu M10 family and friends, and we look forward to a great 2015 providing innovative solutions for our customers.



13,000 visitors from 81 nations is a new record for Fujitsu Forum and this is 20% up on last year. They all came on 19th/20th November to see the biggest manufacturer’s IT event in Europe at the ICM in Munich. The latest trends in ICT were presented and demonstrated and there was a fantastic exchange of ideas, information and opinions.


You can catch up on Fujitsu Forum 2014 online: all the Powerpoint slides from the 65 Keynotes and Breakout Sessions can be seen here. The slides are next to the respective talks.


This link  leads to the video recordings of the keynotes, some selected Breakout Sessions and some overall impressions of the exhibition.


A big thank you to all visitors for your support and we invite you to Fujitsu Forum 2015. Initial registrations can already be made.



As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, it has an ever bigger influence on our daily lives. In order to tackle the coming challenges head on, it is necessary for people to change their mindsets, said Chiseki Sagawa, Senior Vice President, Head of Platform Strategic Planning Unit, Fujitsu. Mr. Sagawa underscored the key role Fujitsu plays in this process.


For Fujitsu, it’s not enough to tell others about it. Fujitsu itself is digitalizing its own competencies. We are standardizing the digital experience on tablets, smartphone and notebooks with our products, services and solutions. Additionally, we are automating our knowledge and thus achieving considerable savings, both financial and in terms of effort. The result is a higher performance.


The key to success is the management of a hybrid environment. Fujitsu offers a business platform for a hyperconnected future and removing the barriers to a digital world.


In fact, a part of this digital world is already with us. Jay Kidd, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NetApp, reminded listeners how the invention of the PC changed the world and how it freed businesses and people alike.


Due to the ever increasing data avalanche, we are faced with the challenge of controlling and organizing it. While the devices used may be interchangeable, the data is not. The solution lies in the cloud.


We need architectures which help us to control these vast amounts of data. The widely available free of charge tools do not offer enough security. Moving data from one cloud to the next is also difficult. Help can be found in a mix of clouds which can be flexibly adapted and controlled, such as NetApp’s “DataFabric”. It offers consistent data services and platforms, a robust virtualization software and safe data transport.


Though the way to a hyperconnected world will be a challenging one, one thing is sure: Fujitsu will continue to shape the future — together with NetApp as partner.


Watch the keynote.


From September 09 to October 31, 2014, we were looking for the oldest PRIMERGY server alive. The winner was invited to the #FujitsuForum and just got handed over this prize, a brand-new PRIMERGY RX2540 M1


Congratulations to Posta Srbije


Posta Srbije was founded in 1990. Today, the organization provides the largest infrastructure and logistics network in Serbia, with around 15,000 employees. Pošta Srbije was one of the first Fujitsu customers in Serbia and is currently using more than 200 active PRIMERGY servers which are driving its IT operations and business. The PRIMERGY 561 systems, for which Posta Srbije receives this award, were bought in 1996 and used as application servers for more than 10 years. Since then, they are still being used to format and prepare SCSI disk drives.